What is Gusset Bags? What are the 9 benefits of using Gusset Bags?

2021-02-19 07:06:32 Purivana Packaging
When you heard the word "gusset," what definition came to your mind? Do you think it is something related to fishing? Maybe you're imagining a strange weapon. It turns out, that a gusset has many uses, in the field of food packaging, pants-wearing and many more.
What is a gusset? What are the benefits of using it? Let's dig into it to know everything about this handy item!



Gussets are used by a variety of industries, from construction to the fashion industry,  it is essentially material that's added to a flexible pouch to create more space and strengthen the structure of their products. This piece is made from either fabric, plastic, metal, or wood and can be found in:
  • Clothes
  • Tote bags

  • Construction projects

  • Home improvement

  • Food packaging


Purivana provides sustainable eco-friendly paper shipping gusset bags which are easy to carry and give no harm to the environment.

9 Benefits of Using Paper Gusset Bags

Nowadays many industries use and prefer gusseted bags or pouches for many benefits they offer over other packaging. Here in this article, we will cut up some of the notable benefits of gusseted bags one by one. Let's dive into it-


1. Stand erect

As you know, the bottom of the gusseted bags or pouches is flat or Flipkart paper bags, which makes them stand erect when they are filled with the desired products. When a product is filled in the gusseted bag or pouch it skins to the bottom of the bag or pouch which does not need any external support to stand erect due to its heavy gusseted bottom.

2. Occupies less space

Gusseted bags occupy less space as compared to the other plastic packaging solutions such as packs, jars, and bottles, gusseted bags or pouches take less space both in the store shelves and in your kitchen which looks less cluttered.


3. It is portable

Gusseted bags or pouches make it very convenient to port any items from one place to another due to their uniform weight distributions as compared to the other online packaging solutions. Both the store owner and consumers can conveniently and efficiently carry them around without having any problem regarding weight.


4. It offers a variety

When you are up to selecting gusseted bags or pouches for your products, literally you will find a huge variety of gusseted flexible bags and pouches. You can choose between an infinite number of sizes, shapes and material selection. Purivana has a huge number of fashionable designs that are also available in gusset kraft paper bags which are eco-friendly.


5. Improved storage space

One of the noticeable benefits of packaging with a side gusset bag is the filling volume. Gusseted bags improved storage space when filled, the side gusset pouch essentially mimics a box in terms of the quad siding, the ability to stand erect and the canvas space for graphics. 


6. Provide better strength

Purivana Gusset bags have great strength and are 100% biodegradable in nature, this Imported Flat Kraft Paper Bags is our very own eco-friendly bag. The great thing about the side gusset bag is that the gusset expands as the bag gets filled, and allows it to hold more product than what meets the eye.


7. Increased durability 

Another benefit of gusset bags is their ability to handle a diverse selection of product types. Side gusset bags implement strong and durable high-barrier films that work to avoid material deterioration and unwanted product recalls.


8. Eco and Sustainable packaging 

Packing more products in a smaller bag also means you’ll reduce overall material waste after use. The side gusset bags are eco-friendly as they occupy very little space at the landfill and it provides sustainable packaging also.


9. Biodegradable, recyclable, reusable 

Our gusset paper bags used in shipping bags and packaging are plastic-free, good for the environment and the usage of paper gusset bags nowadays is very high. Printed in gusset bags are derived from plant-based, up-cycled-inks that don't contain any products derived from animals and non-degradable items. Paper gusset bags are recyclable and can be reused many more times.



Purivana Gusseted pouch bags or pouches are the best solutions for today’s non-environmental packaging problem by providing eco-friendly sustainable gusset paper bags. our gusset is a strengthened area in the bags where the material has been added to reinforce the bag. Gusseted paper bags can accommodate heavier items and are less likely to break.

Purivana Paper gusset bags are 100% biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. Many paper gusseted bags can withstand more pressure or weight than plastic bags. Paper bags present less of a suffocation risk to young children or animals. It is completely environment friendly.

Besides several benefits of using paper gusset bags or plain courier bags, one of the reasons why it is so environmentally friendly is that it helps in saving huge amounts of energy. It is usually made from a locally available material, which in terms of support in transportation costs eventually helps in saving energy.

In conclusion, it will be said that there is now no doubt that one needs to adopt more eco-friendly alternatives to save the planet. One great way to do such is by forging the use of paper gusseted bags. Thus, it is high time that one switches over to the use of eco-friendly paper bags.