10 Reasons : Why Your Business Should Switch to Paper Bags

2021-02-26 00:45:41 Purivana Packaging

Product packaging plays an important role in decisions making by consumers, and it may affect your business in certain ways you might have not thought of yet. Interactive product packaging doesn’t just communicate what you offer to valuable customers, but it also exhibits your company’s values and thus helps you to build a strong and trustworthy business brand.


Why Paper bags?

Paper bags are probably one of the best product packaging choices when it comes to branding efforts and there can be various reasons behind it. After all, these attractive bags are becoming so popular.

Once, mainly luxurious brands used to offer paper bags, but nowadays, small scale businesses and even startups use these eco-friendly bags for packaging. But why do they choose paper bags over plastic bags? Because, when you hand over the products to your customers in a paper bag, the very first thought that a customer gets is the “awesomeness of your business”.

In simple words, people consider that plastic bags are used for ordinary customers but paper bags are for their special customers. So, if you are looking to rebrand or grow your business in an innovative way, do replace your plastic bag packaging with paper bag as a top priority. Make each and every customer feel special, and they will not just come back alone, but will also bring more customers in the long term.

Here, are 10 reasons for businesses to switch their packaging to use paper bags-


1. Being Eco-friendly 

The Purivana paper bag is the most eco-friendly packaging option because these bags are made from recyclable materials that do not contain any harmful material which can harm the environment. Building a green ecommerce business should be a high priority for every business in today’s world. Because, the harm that non-recyclable plastics can cause to the planet, cannot be undone. The only thing we can do is to stop plastic usage and start paper bag packaging instead. 

Paper bags keep on being a core decision by customers for shopping and sustenance things because of the expanded toughness and their eco-friendly attitude.


2. Durable and comfortable

Paper bags have made considerable progress since their modest beginnings in the mid-eighteenth century, with makers creating paper bags that are stronger and solid. Purivana paper bags are more durable and comfortable to carry.


3. Create a unique identity for your brand

By picking an eye-catching kraft paper bag for apparel, fashion, food delivery, packaging items, etc. you are including an expert intrigue that consumers love and attract towards the brand.

Also, you can add your own customized brand to any paper bag for your business promotion. With elite quality and tasteful intrigue, you are certain to awe and enjoy your clients.


4. Make your customers happy and loyal

Customized paper bag manufacturers can assist you in deciding the correct size and kind of paper bag quality according to the nature of your business or brand, product specified requirement and amount.

You can choose and customize paper bags with unique properties that will seal the freshness and give a fashionable look to your brand as offset, screen printing, and flexo printing is conceivable.


5. Recyclable and reusable

Purivana paper bags are easily recyclable and reusable for many uses. Paper bags additionally offer a high number of eco-friendly advantages to the individuals who use them. They can be dealt with environmental issues and consistently reused many times. They are both recyclable and reusable.


6. Cost-effective

Purivana paper bags are cost-effective. It is much easier to print on paper than on a plastic surface, which makes paper bags cost-effective as well. As compared to the other traditional packaging methods, Purivana paper bags can be Krafted in more styles, designs, shapes and sizes.

Moreover, whenever there is a change required due to campaign demands, paper bags can be easily changed at short notice which makes these bags more attractive packaging choices.


7. Customers demand

Nowadays, more and more people are showing a greater preference for printed paper bags over plastic bags, especially in the developed area and many in the developing countries are refusing plastic bags when collecting their goods. 

Printed on Purivana paper courier bags are derived from plant, up-cycled inks - they do not contain any products derived from animals and non-compost items.

More people are preferring groceries and food items in paper bags as well. This is why major markets in big cities and food chains use paper bags for packaging in-store sales as well as for home deliveries.


8. Being socially responsible

In today’s world, not all businesses can pursue success while being purely profit-oriented. Being socially responsible is another reason and it’s way more effective to build a strong brand. Exercising social responsibility doesn’t just make you profitable, but also makes your brand lovable.

More and more brands are gonna exercise social responsibility simply by opting for attractive, eco-friendly paper bags. And yes, socially responsible brands gain consumers' trust faster.


9. Effective branding

Packaging with paper bags is considered classy. A little search on markets will reveal that most well-known brands use eco-friendly paper bags to pack their products, even if it is the smallest item like lipstick or nail polish.

So, opting for paper bags with your brand details on it can be a great way to give your brand an instant facelift. Moreover, people tend to save paper bags for later use also and love to carry paper bags along with them, which can give a continuous up-gradation wherever that paper bag goes to.


10. Save energy and 2X increase sales

Waste papers bags are biodegradable so they can be effectively degenerate and don’t heap up on dump destinations.

At the point when your item is appropriately packed with elite quality paper bags, you can attract more customers which will help in elevating your brand to the intended interest group.




Purivana Paper bags are produced using sustainable eco products, and it can be reused over and over and can be dispatched to a paper plant and revamped into new paper. Paper bags are recycled-reused and thus a true friend of the environment.

Paper bags are trendy and more attractive than plastic bags. It is recyclable and reusable and switching to this packaging option is simply a quick way to rebrand your business more effectively.

PURIVANA® green packaging represents a significant move away from single-use plastic in the e-commerce industry.