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Green Ecommerce Packaging - BOPP Self Adhesive Transparent Tape

PURIVANA® eCommerce transparent tapes provide perfect protection for Retail Packaging and Industrial Packaging. Secure and make packing easy with transparent tapes with Purivana.

High-quality tapes for assured safety of packages;

Purivana provides Clear tape or transparent tape is one of the most common packaging materials that is used and is invariably found in every household. The transparent tapes can be used for many purposes ranging from repair to securing and gift-wrapping. Its transparency makes every packing look neat, securing the surface with precision.

When it comes to securing your products with packaging tape, you need to ensure that your selection of transparent tapes is reliable and will sustain any rough handling. It is also essential to consider that the tapes can be easily dispensed and do not stick to themselves making their use a challenge any time it is needed. Our transparent tapes can be easily dispensed and used with the least bit of effort.

Purivana brings to you the best quality transparent packing tapes to fulfil your requirement. The transparent tapes that we offer are made from high-quality polypropylene layered with strong industrial-grade adhesives. These full-length tapes are recyclable, eco friendly and highly durable making them the perfect match for your personal or professional uses.

Our transparent tapes are price worthy and the lowest in the market making them highly cost-effective. You can order the transparent tapes from Purivana online in packs or in wholesale as per your requirement. We deliver our products across the country in the shortest time without any delay. We offer you a variety of sizes and lengths to choose from as per your specific requirements.

Buy BOPP transparent tapes online

Purivana is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging product suppliers in the country. We bring to you an excess of packing products made with premium quality raw materials. Serving all your packaging requirements, Purivana has established itself as a reliable partner to businesses across industries.


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