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Green Ecommerce Packaging - Self Adhesive Brown Tape

PURIVANA® eCommerce Self Adhesive Brown tapes provide perfect protection for Retail Packaging and Industrial Packaging.

Secure your packages with strong & durable brown tapes, here at Purivana;

Proper packaging of your products during shipping is necessary before sending them off in transit. A single tear or open flap can cause irreparable damage to the product and cost you a lot. Moreover, if you are transiting your products to a far off destination it comes without doubt about the harsh handling that package might have to endure before reaching out to its customer. That’s why proper packing is a must for long-distance hauls. This is where brown packaging tapes come in handy.

Brown tape is a well-liked choice for securing packages by sealing the joints. Its brown colour and strong adhesive properties make it the go-to choice for every packaging that requires a stocky secure sealing. Our Brown tapes are made of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene or BOPP which furnish them stronger than other materials and more resistant to temperature variations.

The Brown tape for packaging Purivana offer is micron guaranteed and available in different widths and lengths that you can pick according to your requirement. We recommend wider widths for packing cartons or boxes that are being used for packing heavier products. These tapes have excellent adhesion and shear properties with high durability making them a go-to choice for warehousing, long-distance transit and wholesale packaging.

Purrivana presents high-quality brown tapes that are made of the best materials. Easy to dispense and reuse, these tapes are highly secure in both long and cross directions. You can order Brown packing tapes from Purivana at wholesale rates making them very cost-effective. We accept single units to wholesale orders for every product type with the guarantee of timely delivery.

Purivana is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging product suppliers in the country. We bring to you an excess of packing products made with premium quality raw materials. Serving all your packaging requirements, Purivana has established itself as a reliable partner to businesses across industries.


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