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A compact and eco-friendly protective packaging product, paper cushion wraps by Purivana, Perfectly fit in the box and are manufactured in a honeycomb structure, it is an expandable, complete compostable substitute for plastic bubble wraps.

Our Paper cushion wraps in the boxes are highly productive by reducing packaging time and help in decreasing carbon footprints. Purivana printed paper wraps are designed as per international standards and can be used in a wide range of applications.

The main objective of this paper bubble wrap is to give protection to fragile products during shipping. The purivana paper cushion wrap offers accelerated packaging and a superior unboxing experience.

Quality Paper Cushion Wraps at Purivana!

  • Cushion wraps in Box is an eco-friendly paper cushioning solution which is used to wrap multiple products together or individually.

  • The honeycomb structure of our paper cushion wraps is designed to offer ample cushioning.

  • The unique hexagonal mesh-like interlocking structure helps in replacing tape. It saves wastage of material and increases the efficiency of packaging.

Alternative to plastic bubble wrap, paper cushion wraps come fitted in a dispenser which gives an easy-to-pull mechanism, resulting in great stretchability. 

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Features of Purivana Paper Cushion Wraps

1. Easy to Use- Easy to pull mechanism, which tears easily. No need for scissors which saves time.

2. Excellent Cushioning- The hexagonal-like structure offers a great stretch and cushioning.

3.100% compostable- Made from recyclable paper, cushion wraps in Box are the perfect substitute for plastic bubbles and are 100% eco-friendly.

4. Versatile use- Paper cushion wraps can be used for packing multiple products, be it gifts, home essentials, personal care products, electronics, appliances, etc.

PURIVANA® e-commerce paper cushion wraps is an eco-friendly and sustainable to use, it has an easy pull mechanism and tear wraps easily cut pieces in the required length. It can be beneficial at places such as retail stores to quickly pack the goods inside corrugated boxes and during shipment.



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