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A binder clip, commonly known as a paper clamp or fold over clip or bobby clip, is a simple device for binding sheets of paper together. It stays the paper intact and can be easily removed, unlike the staple.

Premium quality clips and pins, we have a wide variety in it.

About the item-

  • 144 small 3/4-inch-wide binder clips with 5/16-inch capacity
  • Keeps large stacks of loose paper securely fastened together, without the risk of slipping or falling out
  • Made of tempered steel for an extra-strong grip; black triangular shape with silver arms

  • Can be quickly removed with a pinch of the arms for full access to documents at any time

  • Durable and reusable (springs back into shape); ideal for home, office, or school


When paper clips and staples just aren’t enough, these tempered-steel binder clips come to the rescue. Purivana clips and pins have Extra-Strong Grip-The binder clip's gently yet firmly clamp down around large stacks of paper. Durable-The binder clip compresses stacks of loose paper securely together. 


Different types of paper clips?

Paper clips types include the Fay Clip (Philadelphia), Wright Paper Clip, Eureka Clip, Niagara Paper Clip, Cole Paper Clip, De Long Paper Clip, Angell Paper Clip, Unity Paper Clip, Gem Paper Clip, Clipper Paper Clip, Owl Paper Clip, Collette Clips, and many, many others.

Our clips and pins have Re-Usable Design which can Pinch the arms together to easily release the clip at any time. The binder clip clamps back to its original closed position, ready to be reused easily.

Purivana paper pins (or paperclip) is a device that is used to hold sheets of paper together, made of steel wire bent to a looped shape (though some are covered in plastic).


Here some different types of pins-

Pin types

Typical size

Typical length

Beading pins


7⁄8 in (22 mm)


0.75 mm

11⁄4 in (32 mm)

Dressmaker pins


11⁄16 in (27 mm)

                        Pleating pins                    


                               11⁄16 in (27 mm)                               


Purivana clips and pins are easy to use and maintain. Our stationary items are available at some stores in Bangalore & Delhi, and  also in their stationery wholesale markets. Except from clips and pins purivana stores also stationery items, accessories, markers, punching tools.  Purivana core value is their quality of products and satisfaction for their customers. Purivana clips and pins are completely environment friendly, we use only premium quality items to make our products.

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