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PURIVANA® Cutter and Knives 

Purivana presents Cutter & knives, This Mini Wire Stripper Cum Cutter Comes in Hardened Carbon Steel with Black oxidized finish & The handles have anti-slip soft pvc proper grip with hardened steel bushings as pivot joints. The precision blades can consistently cut/strip wires, papers, cardboards with a range of 24 AWG. The tool has a 125mm length with a locking device.

Want Premium Quality Cutter and Knives?

Items by Purivana

  • Used for cutting Thick paper, balsa wood, cardboard, fabric, mat board etc
  • Cutter is compact and lightweight with easy grip and wider retractable blades

  • Heavy duty cutter ideal for thicker cuts and can be used for commercial and industrial usage
  • Ready to use, cut and easy to keep in your office, garage, home, anywhere wanted.


Heavy duty cutter ideal for thicker cuts. It can also be used for commercial or industrial usage like cutting thick paper, cardboard, balsa wood, photos, coupons, card stocks, mat board, foam board, delicate fabrics, etc.


  • Designed for both left and right hand users Ideal for craft hobbyists and artists, office or home use, suitable for photo, paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic, sheet etc.

  • Craft Knife makes cutting convenient. Great for cutting papers, wallpapers, cardboard, vinyl, tapes, leather, flowers, rubber etc.

  • Made of strong and corrosion resistant stainless steel with a thick and sharp knife for long-term use. Perfect Box Cutter Pot

  • A sharp blade is included. To refresh the blade simply snap the point to reveal a fresh one. No device required

  • It comes with self-locking function design, easy to operate, safe to use, light-weight and small enough for ease in pocket, belt pouch, tool kit, shirt pocket.


Even the customers are getting some of the items like scissors, strapping tools, tape dispensers, strapping rolls, strapping clips and many more things with our website Purivana. Even you can contact us on  9811299414. We are providing totally ecofriendly items.

Purchase cutter and knives online from purivana and as well as its available in Delhi, Bangalore, South India and overall India. The cutters and knives are packed with 100% Biodegradable Packaging for Ecommerce. We have a wonderful collection of cutters and knives. They come in colors and patterns. Some accessories come in combo packs. We delivered premium quality stationery items for our customers' satisfaction.

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