Online Packaging / Green Ecommerce Packaging - Ecommerce Paper Courier Bags

Introducing PURIVANA® ecommerce paper bag, our very own eco-friendly courier bag, solid and versatile green packaging, they have been specifically designed for eCommerce. Our eco-friendly courier bags are environmentally sustainable and easy to carry.
This eco-friendly courier bag is sustainable and plastic-free and perfect for eco-friendly fashion brands looking to drastically reduce the use of single-use plastic in their courier bags. Purivana fully promotes eco-friendly courier bags for environmental goodness.

The usage of Flipkart paper bags all over the world is very high for promoting an eco-friendly environment. Eco-friendly courier bags are biodegradable and easily recyclable for many many uses. Purivana presents sustainable eco-friendly courier bags which are easy to handle and give no harm to the ecosystem.

Printed on eCommerce paper courier bags are derived from plant, up-cycled inks - they do not contain any products derived from animals and non-compost items.

We have a quite versatile and unique design for our packaging of Myntra paper bags and sustainable paper for making courier bags. To make green India always use easily available and environment-friendly eCommerce paper courier bags.

The trademark PURIVANA® green packaging represents a significant move away from single-use plastic from the eCommerce industry, Recommended for:

  • Eco and sustainable fashion

  • T-shirts, tops, leggings, accessories in their unique designs

  • Plant-based products

  • Worth value of products with bold quality

  • Versatile in their products

  • Non-fragile items

  • Only biodegradable products

  • Quick to fulfill packaging and courier services

  • Fashion accessories

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Easy to handle with solid body design

Purivana is all about eco-friendly and sustainable products. Our pride lies in “think economically, pack ecologically” not just in words but also in practicality. We provide price worthy and valued products with quality satisfaction for our customers. Helps us to reduce the usage of plastic-based products from the economy by using biodegradable eco-friendly courier bags.