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PURIVANA® Permanent marker pens are brighter and bolder writing on the whiteboard,  We make sure to satisfy our customers by giving them premium quality whiteboard markers. Our marker is Anti-scrub & UV resistant ink.  
 Our permanent marker pens are sustainable and suitable for writing on whiteboards and it is very easy to use because of its ergonomic design. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of permanent markers in India. Our permanent markers are cost-efficient (pocket friendly) and efficient to use also. We make sure to satisfy our customers by giving them premium quality permanent markers.

Need permanent marker pens?

You’ve come to the right place. PURIVANA® manufactured permanent markers pens are market-leading and come in a range. Proudly manufactured right here in New Delhi, India. Permanent markers used on these boards can reuse it to write again with complete clarity. 
Our e-commerce permanent marker pens mainly come in four different shades which are red, blue, black and green, Japanese quality bullet tips for bold writing. Our permanent markers are available all over India. We use the best quality to manufacture permanent markers for retail selling and industrial selling. Purivana provides eco-friendly eCommerce permanent markers, completely biodegradable and recyclable. 

Our permanent marker pens are recommended for:

  • Longer cap-off time

  • Brighter and bolder writing

  • Extensive writing length

  • Everything and anything!

  • Easily refillable 

  • Worth values products

  • Quality based products

  • White board markers at affordable rates

  • Eco-friendly sustainable markers at stationary wholesale markets

  • CE Certified, Conforms to EN71-3.

  • Available colors- blue, black, red and green

  • Bullet tip

Permanent marker pens  are easy to use and maintain. Our stationary items are available at some stores in Bangalore & Delhi, and  also in their stationery wholesale markets. Except from markers purivana stores also stationery items, accessories, clips and pins.  Purivana core value is their quality of products and satisfaction for their customers. Purivana permanent markers are completely environment friendly, we use only premium quality items to make our products.


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