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Flipkart PB3(14x16)Flap

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Made using Kraft paper, resin based glues and water based inks, our paper shipping bags represent a significant step forwards in removing plastics from ecommerce.

Our Kraft paper shipping bags have been specifically designed for ecommerce. Great for eco-conscious fashion brands looking to reduce plastic in their line-up, our Kraft shipping bags have great strength, are 100% biodegradable are sustainable.

They are supplied flat, so they make a great choice for smaller businesses with minimal storage space and are great for mailing out items that are unlikely to be damaged in transit: clothing and apparel, small fabric accessories, soft toys and more. These mailing bags have been thoroughly researched, trialed and tested against the competition and represent the best quality on the market.

Single Size Conversion

  • Light Brown
  • 16 inch
Material type:
  • Natural Kraft Paper