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A punch is a tool used to create a hole through a hard surface. They usually consist of a hard metal rod with a narrow tip at one end and a broad flat "butt" at the other end of the tool.
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We have various types of punching tools to punch a hole through a surface,which is

  • Centre punch.

  • Prick punch.

  • Solid punch.

  • Transfer punch.

  • Drive punch.

  • Pin punch.

  • Roll pin punch.

  • Hand punch.

  • Hollow punch.


Punching can be applicable to a wide variety of materials that come in sheet form, including sheet metal, paper, vulcanized fibre and some forms of plastic sheet.


What is punching in machining?

Punching is a machining process that involves the removal of scrap metal from a sheet of raw metal by compressing a tool through a sheet of raw metal. While punching is typically performed using sheet metal, it supports other materials like paper, plastic and various fibers.


- What are the advantages of this method of punching?

It's the most cost-effective process for creating holes in metal workpieces. punching is able to create holes in a variety of shapes. If a manufacturing company needs a hole in a specific shape, it can simply use a die in that shape.


Purivana  have carved a niche for ourselves on the international front and manufacture, export and supply of clip pins, punching tools set such as Square Ejector pins, Custom Ejector Pins, HSS Piercing Punches, Square Punch, Double Step Punch, Die Springs, Spring Plunger, Carbide Punches, Guide Pin, Guide Bushing, Spring Dowel Pins, Blade Ejectors, Ejector Sleeve. 

Based on our state manufactures we are able to fabricate the most accurate and functional tools that conform to international quality standards such as AISI and DIN.

We have developed a work culture which motivates us to bring best foot forward technology to use. Our focus is on efficiency, quality and productivity in the execution of every area of work.

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