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Scissors are a commonly used product in each household tool. It is basically used to cut through various materials and many other situations daily. Primarily they are used to open various packages, made from materials such as paper, threads, cardboard, and plastic. 

Purivana presents household scissors that come in a variety and can be used differently according to the required purpose.

They are basically designed for right-handed users, but some are customized specially for left-handed users. For added versatility, you can find specialized scissors designed for specific tasks. For instance, trimmers used by a barber for cutting hair differ from the shears used by a tailor for cutting cloth or from the hedge clippers used by the gardener for chopping plants.

There are also multiple kinds of surgical shears and razors that are used during operations and for sutures. They are also used in the kitchen for cutting vegetables and herbs. You can also find small and blunt pairs made for kids, keeping their safety in mind. They assist children in their art and craft hobbies. You can buy scissors online from Purivana stationery. They are generally made up of stainless steel, are available in different sizes, and range in various degrees of sharpness. 

Product Description

These multipurpose scissors are made of stainless steel and premium quality blades to serve various purposes as crafts, haircutting, tailoring and kitchen uses. Special rust-resistant material is used to increase its lifespan and maintain sharpness like day one. These are multipurpose scissors with a soft comfortable grip. Whether cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, or photos, scissors make a useful addition to any home or office. Keep a pair in the kitchen, craft room, or a desk drawer anywhere that will ensure easy accessibility when in need of quick, convenient cutting. No more searching around. No more frustratingly dull blades. These Purivana scissors ensure comfortable use and high-quality performance.


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Purchase scissors online from Purivana and as well as it is available in our stores located in Delhi, Bangalore, South India and overall India. We have a wonderful collection of scissors. They come in colours and patterns. Some accessories come in combo packs. We delivered premium quality stationery items for our customers' satisfaction.

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