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PURIVANA® Brown shipping Boxes provide perfect protection for larger items for e-commerce Packaging solutions and industrial Packaging.

Need quality shipping boxes?

You’ve come to the right place. PURIVANA® branded brown shipping boxes are market-leading and come in a range of sizes, shapes, and strengths — fit for any purpose. Proudly manufactured right here in New Delhi, India, our cardboard boxes are a low carbon footprint and made from 100% ethically sourced certified material, and printed with plant-based recycled inks.

Purivana provides brown shipping boxes wholesale. Our corrugated boxes manufacture a cost-efficient (pocket-friendly) and effective way of protecting your goods during packaging and shipping. We make sure to satisfy our customers by giving them premium box quality.

We are delivering premium quality brown shipping boxes in Chennai, Banglore, Delhi, Hyderabad, or all over India and creative packaging for corrugated boxes.

Our brown shipping boxes mainly come in four different sizes which have good capacity to hold items.. We use the best quality paperboard material to manufacture corrugated boxes for ecommerce shipping solutions or ecommerce packaging solutions.

Our brown shipping boxes are recommended for:

  • ‘Boxed’ eCommerce Products

  • Electrical & Computing Products

  • ‘Quality’ Box Users

  • Everything and anything!


Our brown shipping boxes are available in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, and all over India. We also supply wholesale ecommerce boxes. Purivana provides eco-friendly eCommerce corrugated boxes, completely biodegradable and recyclable. We use premium tapes quality to use for packaging boxes. 

Our brown shipping boxes can handle pressure and can be stacked up for easy and low-cost storage or shipping. Purivana corrugated boxes manufacturers have a good capacity to hold heavy-weighted products for packaging and shipping in both wholesale and industrial markets. Purivana core value is their quality of products and satisfaction for their customers. Purivana brown shipping boxes are completely environment friendly, we use only premium quality items to make our products.


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