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There are a few essential items that you'll always find everywhere: paper, markers, rubber bands, paper clips and pins, and staplers. Although easy and straight to use, staplers play an important role in maintaining organization.

Want quality and durable staples removal? You come to the right place;

A stapler is a device used for binding papers together. The fastener, called a staple, is a 2-pronged shape that's usually made of metal. Staplers come in two distinct power types: manual and electric. 
A stapler removal allows you to easily remove staples from bulletin board displays, assignment packets, or conference notes. Purivana offers three different kinds of staple removal for your convenience:


  1. Blade Type- A blade staple remover features a retractable blade that extracts staples when you hook its metal tip beneath a staple and pull, which is suitable when staples are imperfectly inserted.

  2. Wand Type- A wand staple remover features an ergonomic grip that allows you to pull staples out of paper with one swift, fluid motion.

  3. Jaw Type- A jaw type staple remover features durable steel jaws to grab staples and pry them out.


The wide range of stationery staple remover at Purivana stores makes it easy to choose from. The quality stationery staple remover comes in light to heavy-duty options.

Purivana stationery staple remover products range provides flexibility in colours and artistry. They enable working on papers, upholstery, or leatherwork simply without tearing them. Our products give a good hand grip for better navigation in heavy-duty removals. While other products restrict you in choice, Purivana staple removal comes with a pleasant variety of budgets to choose from.


If you are looking out for the best experience, then you come to the right place. The mini staple removers make the work look professional for the office and school work. Other handheld options come in to help people with less nimble fingers in gripping. Thus, go for the appropriate stationery staple remover from the wide range selection of suppliers and appreciate the worth purchasing value at Purivana.


When going for purchasing goods, consumers seek the item that matches their requirements which could be budget, durability, safety, shipping period, customer rating, and after-sales services or return policy if defective. Purivana stationery staple remover collections in Delhi, Bangalore and in many other states offer all that in a single platform with competitive suppliers. Purivana core value is the quality of products and satisfaction for their customers. Purivana products come only in premium quality.


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