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PURIVANA®  Strapping Rolls

Strapping rolls play an essential role in the packaging industry. They are used to basically strap or bundle together boxes or cartons during transportation for a smooth shipping process of your purchases without any damage. At Purivana we offer both virgin and recycled packing strapping rolls to suit your requirement. 

High-Quality Strapping Rolls For All Your Packaging Needs!

Purivana presenting strapping rolls is the lighter kind of common plastics. Its main material is polypropylene resin. Because of its premium plasticity, stronger breaking tensile force, bending resistance, lighter specific gravity, easily usable, etc., it is processed into strapping. Nowadays, it has been widely used in various fields.
The common colors of packaging strapping rolls are white, red, yellow, blue, black, etc., which are often used for carton packaging and used with automatic packaging machines.

There are some features of purivana strapping rolls:

1. Polypropylene is the main raw material of our strapping rolls. Polypropylene has strong cleavage strength and is easy to use.

2. It is appropriate for packing machines in all walks of life, whether it is semi-automatic, fully automatic or purely manual packaging machine.

3. Bright colors, yellow, white, black and other colors, you can choose.

4. According to customer requirements and samples, special packaging belts can be produced.The PET Strapping Green Roll is a recyclable roll that is all-weather durable and goes with all kinds of strapping machines.


Purivana strapping rolls packaging comes with a variety of classifications, which can be classified into following conditions:


1. Classified by transparency

It can be divided by transparent packaging tape, translucent packaging tape, and color packaging tape.


2. According to the proportion of polypropylene used in the production of strapping

It can be divided by new pure material of packaging belt, recycled material in packaging belt and ordinary sandwich of packaging belt.


3. Divided according to the machine used

It can be divided by machine packaging belt and hand packaging belt.


Secure your packages with the premium quality of strapping rolls by ordering them wholesale from Purivana. These strapping rolls are dispatched within a day and delivered within 7 days to all over india. Purivana is a leading brand in the packaging industry and the largest supplier of premium quality strapping rolls for all your requirements in e-commerce, logistics, and any section of industrial supply. It does not matter whether you want to ship 10 or 100 boxes, we will provide the best strapping rolls for you.




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