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Purivana continues to offer the industry the highest quality strapping tools. We assure our customer's trust with:    

When you purchase from Purivana, you are assured of getting the best product expertise, application knowledge and training that will help to set you apart from your competitors.



Purivana stocks a variant range of plastic and steel strapping tools for fulfilling each requirement. We deliver quality tools from online platforms as well as from our stores located in Bangalore, Delhi, and across India.

We trade in new tools and we also have used and refurbished tools available.  You can buy parts for all these brands of tools and repair them yourself, or you can send the tools here to Purivana repair facility in New Delhi.   


Purivana Products:

  • Hand tools – right from tensioner/sealer combination to battery-powered hand tools

  • Strapping machines – Fully automatic strapping machines

  • Seals for plastic and steel straps

  • Spare parts for strapping machines


The combination tools, right from tension to battery-powered hand tools are the most efficient methods of manual plastic and steel strapping.

Our strapping tool is a very user-friendly plastic strapping tool that can run manually, semi-automatically and in automatic modes. It also has a soft corner mode for fragile loads. After several recent improvements in their tools segment, there were several improvements made and industry experts believe that there are presently no flaws in the motor and the boards. This tool also uses the Lithium-ion battery which is long-lasting and can complete up to 400 applications per full charge. The OR-T400 is the larger version of this tool.


Purivana is a popular tool constructor catering to the packaging industry. Purivana constructs hi-tech tools that are fast and efficient. They also deal with strapping applications like plastic strapping and steel strapping which are often used in the packaging industry.


Purivana designs develop and construct several systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for shipment. They also construct strapping tools and other applications necessary for the packaging industry. Purivana has carved a niche for itself among the packaging tool constructors. Purivana has always been quality conscious and customer friendly.


Purivana’s expertise lies in lightweight tools. They construct mid-duty to heavy-duty tools that are also lightweight and portable. The tools are very user friendly and workers do not find it difficult to operate them. They also construct heavy-duty battery operated plastic strapping tools for the packaging industry. Apart from this, they have steel strapping tools. Purivana’s tools are very durable and need less maintenance, and worn parts are easily available. 


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