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PURIVANA® Tape Dispensers

PURIVANA® ecommerce tapes dispenser is a handy tool that makes it easy to cut pieces of tape in required length. It can be beneficial at places such as retail stores to quickly pack the goods inside paper bags and hand them over to the consumers.

Want Premium quality tape dispenser?

Our tape dispenser features an inbuilt cutting mechanism that allows tear away the required length of adhesive tape. The cutter also assists in holding the cut end of the tape intact until you use it the next time. This positioning makes it easy for people who require tape quite often. 
Want to hang your kid’s first painting on the wall? Do you need to constantly keep glancing at your timetable? You can use our tapes to stick such objects on walls and doors. But what is a tape dispenser? A tape dispenser holds a tape roll, and by using some mechanism it dispenses tape. There are different types of tapes which we can use in a tape dispenser: Single-sided Tape, Double-sided Tape.


We have variety of tape dispensers such is:

  1. Manual Tape Dispenser-

In this type of tape dispenser, you will have to manually cut the tape off. Our tape dispenser has fine cutters which helps to cut tape easily just by hands as well.


  1. Pull-and-tear tape dispenser-

This tape dispenser comes under the manual type of tape dispenser. In this type, you can pull the tape according to requirement and the dispenser has a built-in mechanism to cut the tape. It comes with a blade inside the dispenser itself. 


  1. Automatic Tape Dispenser- 

This type of tape dispenser eliminates the need to manually cut the tape. purchase automatic tape dispensers online from brands, such as purivana. The purivana tap dispenser gives out tape by just pushing the trigger. 


Purchase tape dispensers online from purivana and as well as its available in our stores located in Delhi, Bangalore, south India and overall india. We have a wonderful collection of tape dispensers. They come in colors and patterns. Some tape dispensers come in combo packs. We delivered a premium quality tape dispenser for our customers' satisfaction.

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