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Are you thinking about switching your preserved packaging from plastic-based products to paper? Then Purivana packaging wraps online are your good to do products. Our printed kraft wraps are completely cruelty-free and 100% compostable. There are a lot of brands who are looking for a drastic change in their packaging style by switching from plastic wrapping to paper cushion wraps.


So, why should you switch to paper packaging?

Paper wraps are made from sustainable resources which are easily available and also environment friendly. They can be re-planted, so the environment doesn’t suffer.

Plus, if you purchase paper packaging wraps from Purivana, you can be confident your materials are responsibly sourced. Our pride is “think economically, pack ecologically” not only in words but in practice too. We provide quality based products with value satisfaction for our customers.

It’s reusable & biodegradable. Cushion Paper wraps are one of the most widely recycled resources all over the world. POV, over 70% of the material used to make corrugated boxes or kraft paper in our country comes from recycled paper. 

It’s easy for end-users to recycle paper here in INDIA too, with most local authorities accepting “clean” paper (like newspapers, corrugated boxes, cushion papers, and paper bags) during threshold collections. Plus, a large section of paper packaging can be composted too – as it’s biodegradable.

So, paper wraps can boost your brand capability in addition to keeping your business green! You can even customize your brand logo or quote in kraft wraps which can free advertise your brand locally.


Purivana provided printed cushion wraps offer great protection for your products. You can use it to wrap delicate items instead of plastic wrap and save plastics from ending up in our oceans and landfills. On top of all the great environmental conscious paper packaging gives, it still offers great preservation for your goods.

Support switch to e-commerce paper packaging, Puivana can help you make the switch to paper packaging. Book an appointment today by completing our contact form or emailing contacts.

PURIVANA® eCommerce paper wraps are eco-friendly and sustainable to use, it has an easy pull mechanism and tears wraps easily cut pieces as per required length. At Purivana you’ll get 200% more protection than if you use large bubble wrap to cushion items in shipping or as a void fill. It can be beneficial at places such as retail stores to quickly pack the goods inside corrugated boxes, and gusset bags during shipment.


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